Third band for tentstage:

VENENUM(ger) live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2012! Black candles, winds and bell chimes, echoes from beneath... these are few of the images that come to mind when listening to some real Dark Death Metal and VENENUM are definitely a band that understands how real Dark Death Metal should be delivered. We know it sounds probably like a cliché especially nowadays where you get to listen to tons of Dark Death Metal bands that have the image, the skills, the production etc. but they miss the most important thing, the real spirit! VENENUM is a brilliant exception to the aforementioned phenomenon. See them live in our tentstage!


  • Origin: FLAG
  • Style: Death Metal
  • Roots: Nocturnus, old Morbid Angel
  • Homepage: http://www.munenev.com
  • added on: 21.03.2012

All appearances of VENENUM on Party.San Metal Open Air