VALLENFYRE(uk) at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2012! If you have been following the Metal news then you surely must've heard about this new band VALLENFYRE, formed by PARADISE LOST guitarist Gregor Macintosh who assembled such veterans as Hamish Glencross (MY DYING BRIDE) and Mully on guitars, Scoot (DOOM, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND) on bass and Adrian Erlandsson (AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST) on drums to play old school heavy as fuck Death / Doom Metal. This is a must see act! Enough said...enjoy them live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR! 


  • Origin: FLAG
  • Style: Old School Death Metal
  • Roots: old Paradise Lost, Nihilist, Discharge
  • Homepage: http://www.vallenfyre.co.uk
  • added on: 18.01.2012

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