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A "water level report" from the P.SO:OA headquarters


We just want to get in touch with you at this point and issue a "water level report" from the Party.San Metal Open Air headquarters.

Even if we have no breaking news at hand, a year of being banned from the profession, we want to try to give you a perspective. We survived the turn of the year well, meanwhile networked with many other organizers and worked on solutions for all of our problems. We have done everything to ensure that our beloved Party.San Metal Open Air can continue to exist. We are hearing the cancellations of the first major European and German festivals these days and can imagine that you are slowly starting to think about how things will turn out with us. Anyone who follows the press with interest will notice that the previous policy can no longer be continued and that other strategies are needed in order to circumnavigate this pandemic. We assume that this will happen very quickly. The Party.San Metal Open Air is more flexible than the big festivals and does not require such an extremely long planning time. We are currently assuming that we can take place in August on a smaller scale than usual. Due to the travel restrictions, we maybe won't be able to bring some bands to Schlotheim and have to adjust to completely new hygiene measures. The goal is to be able to celebrate a party without a mask and without any distance and to convince the authorities of our plan. The legal basis has to be created in the next two to three months. We are prepared for this scenario, have dealt with the feasibility in detail and are now waiting for the decisions of our government.

We hope that you will stay loyal to us, keep your tickets and be ready to walk this difficult path with us.

With best regards from Weimar, Germany

The P.S:O:A team