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Black Metal Newcomers NORNIR will enter the stage of Party.San Metal Open Air!


You are now aware of 66.6% of the lineup and of course we ask ourselves how well you like the number so far and how you see it compared to previous years - better, worse or at a constant level? Does a band really stand out or what counts for you is the overall impression?




To give the overall impression a completely different touch, with today's release we are moving on terrain that could be described as anything but overflowing - German underground black metal! And here we rummaged in the pitch-black mud to reveal a real pearl: NORNIR! The four-piece band from Freiberg / Saxony plays melodic black metal in the style of their old role models and represents one of the hopefuls of German black metal for us. Those who haven't heard from the band in question shouldn't be fooled and risk an ear - it's worth it! OPEN FIRE!