So let's go - take a seat in our time machine and, true to the theme of "Back to the Future", we transport ourselves into the late 90s. You immediately notice that the grass is greener, the shirt is bigger and the European Death Metal is just more melodic. Yep - these where the days! Dark Tranquility, At The Gates and In Flames ensure that a genre called "Melodic Death Metal" is established, on the paths of which many other talented bands will later walk. Back in 2020, it can be said that NYKTOPHOBIA pay homage to that Melo-Death in the best possible manner. Excellently staged two-fold guitar runs, combined with a catchy song structure and the powerful vocals of Dawn of Disease frontman Tomasz Wisniewski, the band builds a total work of art that should bring tears of joy to the forefathers of the genre. OPEN FIRE!



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