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Ticketing 2020 vs 2021


Thank you for your patience while waiting for us to come up with something about the tickets. We have considered for a long time to communicate a solution about already purchased tickets, which should satisfy everyone involved: There are basically 2 options, depending on whether you want your money back or keep the ticket for next year:

Option 1 = KEEP TICKET FOR 2021: Every ticket that has been purchased for the Party.San Metal Open Air 2020 is automatically valid for the Party.San Metal Open Air 2021 up to and including August 15th, 2021 without any additional charge. To do this, you must present the ticket at the ticket counter of your favourite festival in 2021 and exchange it for the entry wristband. Once the festival has ended, the ticket that has not been redeemed expires.

Option 2 = MONEY BACK: Each of you who have already bought a ticket for the Party.San Metal Open Air 2020 has the right to give it back to us and get his/her hard earned money back. To do this, we ask you to print out the cancellation form at and to send us the purchased ticket(s) back by registered mail. We will reimburse you immediately (within 5 working days after receipt of the registered letter), the purchase price of the ticket and the costs of the return shipment (3,30€ max!) to the account / PayPal account you used for initial payment.